Use your information asset to develop your business relationship
Use your information assetto develop your business relationship

Culture : Anchor best practices

Christophe Chambet-Falquet

RuleIS Founder, Digital Business Developer


Started in major structured companies before reaching innovative startups. Providing his wisdom to raise new ideas promoting exchange between generations. Transversal and savvy management. Hate clones and yes-men. Prefer the "What for" instead of the "How it works". Digital Transition Expert, specialized in leaders evangelization and organisation transformation.


Hadi El-Khoury

Co-Founder ISSA France, Cyberprotector


Studied telecom before moving towards cybersecurity. Learned earlier how to compose with multi-cultural people. Consensual and imaginative, he gives priority to confidence and responsability. Vulnerability searcher who finds. Straight on warnings. Prefers prudence to ban. Solution tester, specialized in dysfunctions and incident handling.


Claude Aschenbrenner

Information Director


Explored several territories before discovering cartography. Ex-auditor, managed risk for leading financial companies. Meticulous and punchy.

Distrust simplistic solution and too fast approval. Prefer light schema to long explanation. Quality developer, specialized in formatting and staging information