Use your information asset to develop your business relationship
Use your information assetto develop your business relationship

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Existing trainings on information security are theoretical. Provided by experts, they create poor engagement from employees whom consider that this matter is not part of their job. Fraud and data leaks multiplication lead organization to experiment new ways to engage non experts in best practices adoption.



Serious game is a new innovative concept that increases player implication and strengthen message learning. Proposing security cases to non expert employees to test their behavior help them to understand impact of best practices.

Getzem company is created in France to design the first serious game of information security awareness



RuleIS helped GetZem founder to refine original idea and specify details of the first serious game on information security awareness. This game was sold on plans to a major french group, bypassing normal funding.

GetZem is currently extending its offer in building other innovative learning tools to anchor security messages for non expert actors.