Use your information asset to develop your business relationship
Use your information assetto develop your business relationship

Value existing data

Reference : Best Practices (



Press business is living a deep impact digital transition. Five years old company was founded on two involving choices : keep paper as major support for publication and get focused on an exclusive audience of CIO (Chief Information Officer).

The company created a quality relationship with several hundred subscribers loving its contents.



Information technology providers are interested with CIO whom are main decision makers in purchasing their solutions. Strengthen their relationship with them may reduce deal closing delay.

Best practices decides to build a new offer to allow solution providers to meet Best Practices community of CIOs



RuleIS contributed to development and integration of this new offer. It proposes several event format with CIOs. The « Grande Soirée » gathering a hundred of them, get instituted as a major event allowing quality discussions between members and sponsored by exclusive partners. Short formats gathering ten CIOs sponsored by unique provider also had a large development.