Use your information asset to develop your business relationship
Use your information assetto develop your business relationship

Transform existing process

Reference : Apria RSA (



A new director has been recruited coming from a competitor. He is used to work with digital tools. He wants his managers to be equiped with smarphones and trained for collaborative business. As none in the current organization uses companies smartphones, this project will reveal the effort to change process and practices for more mobility



Information System Department manages application. General Services manage communication resources. Human Resources Department manages équipments and usage rules, Legal Department manages and mitigates litigation risks. These internal structures need to cooperate for the definition and availability of mobility services



RuleIS formed a transversal team gathering actors from each department (Business, Human resources, Legal, Information Systems, General Services). Services process (purchase, settings, deployment, support, maintenance, training, recall) , usage rules definition and best practices were defined together using resources provided by each.

Leadership was entrust to a motivated actor from the entity in charge of support and managers team satisfaction (ISD). Despite heterogeneity of their intitial maturity, all managers got through adoption and appreciation of the new collaborative mode.