Use your information asset to develop your business relationship
Use your information assetto develop your business relationship

Build reliable and durable links

Dispose of the right information at the right time is the best way to create a reliable relation with your customers, employees or partners. It becomes necessary to listen to them carefully to identify as soon as possible signals of a new trend or a new opportunity.

RuleIS helps you to develop this attention to build with customers, employees or partners durable and reliable relations.


Personnalize customer relationship



Internal customer data

Customer interactions audit (visit, support, invoicing…)

Customer survey and interview

Identification of unexploited delivered informations



Customer perceptions et expectations

Customer confidence index



Interest and use of customer data

Identification of new business opportunity

Productivity increase of customer faced actors


Engagement and confidence



Analysis of communication to customer

Audience Segmentation

Content strategy adoption

Definition of customer engagement journey



Customer engagement development practice

Reporting and metrics



Customer relationship quality increase

Identification of Golden Customers

Visibility Development