Use your information asset to develop your business relationship
Use your information assetto develop your business relationship

Keep your employees engaged

The digital transition of a company deeply modifies stakeholders working habits and behaviors. Its success depends on their ability to get adapted to new strategies and new practices.

RuleIS proposes, for each step of the project, designed trainings for different actors to ensure consistency between decision made and use of solutions and methods adopted.


Digital Transition Issues

RuleIS helps you to heighten awareness of your actors about issues of your project. This step is a key factor for insuring adoption of relevant solution and methods.


Targeted Audience

C-Level, Managers, Auditors



Process and Control : incident handling productivity

From infrastructure to information : adapt your vision

Data Intelligence : a new chain for generating value

From function to role : open dialog between key actors

Responsability and confidence : a cutural change


Manage your digital identity

RuleIS helps your key actors to develop best practices to manage their digital identity through existing social tools



C-Levels, Managers



Digital Identity : You and your company

Showing : visibility, notoriety, influence

Social Network : settings and best practices

Contents : search, find and relay

Use case : LinkedIn


Information Security Awareness

RuleIS helps all kind of employees to develop best practices in security awareness and information protection.


Targeted audience

All employees



Cybersecurity : Agencies and authorities

Legal Framework : Right and jurisprudence

Organization : Security policies and rules

Security Cases : Real-life situations

Serious game play with InfoSentinel