Use your information asset to develop your business relationship
Use your information assetto develop your business relationship

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Authentication is an essentiel notion to digital confidence. It allows to guarantee identities of stakeholders during a transaction.



Availability is a part of digital confidence. It is the guarantee to keep disposable and ready for use all systems, services or informations needed to compose a transaction between stakeholders.



Authorization is an essential notion to digital confidence. It validates if a stakeholder is allowed to take part of the transaction and to achieve all operations needed for its conclusion.


Big Data

Big Data is a marketing concept appeared in United States in the 1990’s to qualify potential represented by huge and heterogenous amounts of data. Big Data is represented par (3 to) 5 Vs : Volume, Variety, Velocity, Veracity and Value



Confidence is a key element to digital business transaction. Confidence need to be guaranteed to all stakeholders through 6 notions : Availability, Authentication, Authorization, Integrity, Confidentiality and Non-repudiation.



Data is a set of values or terms that can be used to generate indicators, reports or analysis. Structured data are stored in fields (number, bolean,…) and used for volume process. Unstructured Data have to be analyzed to identify index (keyword, metadata…) for further use



Dematerialisation is the transformation of physical objects to intangible assets. Its main contribution is to ease services exchange related of the initial object finality.



Disintermediation is shortening links between providers and customers. Its main contribution is to reduce operations needed to close a transaction.



Demonetisation is the transformation of the monetary value of a product in utilitarian perception of a service. Its main contribution is to reveal usage values outside financial performance.


Digital Assets

Digital Assets are the subset of immaterial assets that are used for process automation. Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom are considered by RuleIS as Digital Assets


Digital Transition

Set of resources, services and practices contributing to redefine new relationship between social stakeholders. Digital transition is composed of three transformations : dematerisalisation, disintermediation and demonetisation.



Information is a meaning obtained from data analysis


Information Governance

Définition or roles and rules regarding to protection, usage and exploitation of information assets. Information Governance is lead by a comittee composed of experts from signifant roles inside the organization.



Integrity is an essential notion to digital confidence. It ensures that original message was not altered during its progression from sender to receiver.



Intelligence is the ability to understand one’s environment, decide actions and analyze impacts



Informations and practices collected during previous experiences and used to analyze and synthesize environment



Non-Repudiation is an essential notion of confidence. It ensures that the stakeholders of a transaction will not be able to challenge its authenticity.


Social Identity

Set of informations to identify and qualify a social profile as effective and unique. Social identity need to be managed carefully for protecting reputation and dispose of an adapted notoriety